In touch with the world

We design our products with the customer in mind. Sidestepping the stress of navigation or travel begins with easy-to-use menus, logical options and intuitive features.

  • Automotive products help drivers reach their destination effortlessly while getting the most out of the journey
  • Marine units supplement detailed charts with essential data
  • Aviation technology provides everything pilots need at a glance
  • Fitness devices make every step of the workout more efficient
  • Outdoor recreation options are available for hikers, surveyors, and adventurous people
  • Wireless applications bring the power of GPS to your smart phone

The Garmin mindset
We don’t just design and sell products, we embrace the lifestyles. From aviation to marine, automotive to fitness, wireless solutions to outdoor recreation, Garmin is rolex replica paypal the air, on the water, in the woods, behind the wheel and on the run.